What Is The Best Screen Scraping Tool? Semalt Advice

Screen scraping is the process of collecting data from images and transforming it to readable text. It is done to capture data from legacy applications and websites in a better way. There are a large number of screen scraping tools on the net, but Mozenda is the best and most reliable data extractor.

Screen scraping is often confused with content scraping, which is the practice of collecting and scraping text from different websites. With Mozenda, you can download images, videos and HTML text to your hard drive and can transform it into readable and scalable data.

Benefits of Mozenda for your industry or company:

All companies need to collect and scrape information from the net can benefit from Mozenda. There are a large number of web pages. With an ordinary tool, you can never aggregate the information together. But with Mozenda, you can perform multiple screen scraping tasks at a time. This tool scrapes data and saves it in a readable and scalable format with just a few clicks. Mozenda gives you full control over your information and enables you to design an automation workflow with its Drag-and-Drop Editor visually.

Crawl your web pages easily:

If you have recently developed a site and want to index its content, you may opt for Mozenda. This tool has several useful APIs and bots and helps crawl your web pages in a better way. Two of its distinctive options are Screen Scraping Wizard and Web Scraping Wizard. Both of these options allow you to get data out of any website in a few minutes. Plus, you can use them to index your content and improve your site's search engine rankings.

Write the codes yourself:

Over the years, programmers have been using Python, JavaScript, and C++ to write a variety of codes. In Mozenda, there is a new feature that lets you write the code yourself. It is good for programmers and developers: if you don't have any programming or coding skills, you can opt for Mozenda's Automatic Scraping option and allow this tool to scrape your content comfortably. Mozenda can be deployed anywhere and navigates through different web pages to get you good results.

Different versions of this screen scraping tool:

The software is available both in free and paid versions. In its paid version, there are two different editions: Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition. The professional edition is suitable for webmasters, small-sized companies, and programmers. Its enterprise edition is suitable for enterprises and large-sized firms. Alternatively, you can opt for its free version that comes with a limited number of options and features.

Save data in a suitable format:

One of the most distinctive features of Mozenda is that it saves your data in a number of formats and allows you to access the content in a few seconds. For instance, you can save the data in JSON, XML or CSV files, or download it to your hard drive for offline uses. You can also save the data to Google Drive and Box.net. Mozenda can be integrated with your existing system via its API connection.

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