New Study Reveals: Natural Treatment for Prostate Cancer?


It’s a fact: Over 200,000 guys in the United States will get prostate cancer this year. And yet, the odds of them enduring it are even worse– the American Cancer Society says that it’s the second leading reason for cancer-related death for men.NEW

Now a new research by scientists from Texas Woman’s University states there may be a brand-new method to stop this fatal condition: Use plant oil.

“This study by Huanbiao Mo and coworkers at the Texas Woman’s University and UT Southwestern Medical Center demonstrates that geranylgeraniol causes dosage dependent apoptotic death of human prostate cancer cells,” says Dr. Steven R. Goodman, Editor-in-Chief of Experimental Biology and Medicine. “They additionally show that this diterpine downregulates HMG CoA reductase providing support to the idea that mevalonate starvation triggers cell cycle arrest at the G1 stage leading to apoptotic death of the prostate cancer cells.”.

If that seems like a lot of rubbish to you, right here’s the condensed variation: Certain plant oils trigger apoptosis in cancerous prostate cells. Apoptosis is a clinical word describing the set cell death of particular cells– in this case, cells filled with carcinogens that could kill men.

Bottom line? They may have discovered a natural treatment for prostate cancer.

Exactly what the Study Reveals

Basing their work off research dating back to the 1980s, scientist Dr. Huanbiao Mo studied how specific oils discovered in plants, namely linseed oil and annatto seed oil, influenced prostate cancer cells. In these oils, they found a compound called geranylgeraniol, a diterpene alcohol best called a scent for bumblebees.

“This kind of work go back to the 1980s when the University of Wisconsin groups led by Drs. Charles Elson and Michael Gould found the anti-tumor activity of monoterpenes and right after, sesqui- and di-terpenes,” says Mo.

After isolating these compounds, Mo then tested it against malignant cells– and soon, he observed that it activated apoptosis in these cells.

To put it just, the cells were dying, at a rate typically seen from chemotherapy.

Except no chemotherapy drugs right here.

“Geranylgeraniol-induced apoptosis was identified by flow cytometric analysis, fluorescence microscopy following acridine orange and ethidium bromide dual staining, and caspase-3 activation,” states Mo. “As a nonsterol particle that downregulates HMG CoA reductase in the presence of sterols, geranylgeraniol may have potential in the chemoprevention and/or therapy of human prostate cancer.”.

So What Does This Mean For You?

While more studies are absolutely had to test its practicality as an anti-cancer agent, plainly the news is making lots of specialists buzzing– however would eating foods containing linseed oil help? Regrettably, it does not appear it would yet– although these substances are found in linseed oil, its efficacy only enters play when extracted and made use of by itself in laboratories.

It definitely would not harm to consume foods rich in linseed oil, nevertheless, such as fruits, veggies, and some grains– it might assist minimize the danger of prostate cancer by helping guys keep much healthier, thinner bodies.


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