Is it Time to Kick Your Sugar Habit?

If eating cookies and sweet are a part of your everyday regimen, listen up: It might be poisonous.

According to researchers from the University of Utah, female mice fed a diet including 25 percent extra sugar– which, scientists note, which is the average sugar consumption of as much as 25 percent of Americans– passed away twice as quick. In addition, male mice faced problems with reproduction and safeguarding their territory, recommending sugar’s impact just isn’t really a weight concern.Is it Time to Kick Your Sugar Habit

“I think the big takeaway is the level of sugar we readily consume and believe is safe causes significant health declines in mice,” says James Ruff, author of the research. “We’re not just talking about some small metabolic thing. We’re taking about enhanced rates of death and [lower rates] of recreation.”.

Information of the Study

Sugar has long been considered hazardous for people in high quantities– but could average amounts produce the very same results? Scientists, who published the study in the journal Nature Communications, fed mice the equivalent of 500 calories of sugar– the same amount a quarter of Americans eat daily. Scientists had the mice preserve this diet for a period of 6 months.

At the end of the study, the mice weren’t fatter– but they did suffer other health repercussions. 35 percent of the female rats, for instance, died during the experiment, whereas 17 percent generally die from natural repercussions. The male rodents did not deal with such grim circumstances, but they too changed for the even worse– generally impairing their ability to recreate.

“Our mice would have passed their physical,” says Ruff. “But still have unfavorable health effects.”.

Wayne Potts, a biology teacher and senior author of the research, also mentions that the outcomes of this research are strikingly similar to the unfavorable results triggered by rodent inbreeding– for humans, it would be like marrying your cousin.

“Would you rather be on the American diet … or have parents be complete cozs?” says Potts. “This data is informing us it’s a gamble.”.

Is it Time to Kick Your Sugar Habit?

While scientists note that this study was solely brought out on rodents, not people, the implications of its findings may be an indicator it’s time to break that sugar habit– even if it isn’t really influencing your waist. So what’s the very best method to stop?

“Sugar in one of its many types is added to nearly every processed food– it’s difficult to find even a cracker or soup without sugar, not to mention cereal, BBQ sauce, and canned fruit,” says Laura Dolson, a health and food writer for “To minimize something, you have to know where it is, and where your greatest “bang for the dollar” will certainly be.”.

So exactly what are the best foods to eliminate? Basic, says Dolson: Just eliminated processed foods, such as sugary foods, jams, dressings, as well as sugar-sweetened beverages, such as soda and cappuccino. While it might be difficult to break the routine initially, eventually you’ll adjust– and it’ll most likely be much better for your health too.