This Supposedly “Healthy” Antioxidant Could Cause Breast Cancer?

For ladies, it’s the best supplement to take while pregnant– a healthy dosage of folic acid, a type of antioxidant. Yet unusual new research study from the journal PLoS One says that overdoing it might put females at danger for breast cancer.
The research study, which was headed by Dr. Young-In Kim from St. Michael’s Hospital in Canada, likewise contradicts previous proof which discovered that folic acid might really secure against other types of cancers, such as colorectal cancer.Broccoli

For Kim, it’s both a controversial but vital issue.

“This is a seriously vital issue because breast cancer patients and survivors in North America are exposed to high levels of folic acid through folic acid stronghold in food and widespread use of vitamin supplements after a cancer medical diagnosis,” states Kim. “The potential tumor-promoting effect of folic acid supplements in breast cancer clients and survivors requires further explanation.”.

And certainly, folic acid consumption is on the increase– statistics reveal more and more individuals are exceeding dietary guidelines for folic acid thanks to its inclusion in fortified foods, such as fortified cereal, and the popularity of folic acid supplements. In fact, current research study shows up to 40 percent of Americans are taking at least one folic acid supplement– and if Kim’s research study is proper, might increase their cancer threat.

“We examined whether folic acid supplements can promote the development of recognized mammary tumors,” says Kim. “Although no clear dose-response relationship was observed, folic acid supplementation substantially promoted the development of the sentinel mammary growths and was related to substantially greater guard mammary growth weight and volume compared to the control diet plan.”.

The Study

Testing out the impacts of folic acid on pre-existing malignant tumors, Kim initially injected rodents with these tumors once they reached the age of puberty. Once the tumors reached the ideal size, scientists then checked out how certain folic acid levels impacted these tumors– a few of which exceeded five times the recommended dietary intake.

After 12 weeks, they examined how these growths had actually advanced, and the outcomes just weren’t excellent.

The outcome? Simply going beyond the recommended folic acid by 2.5 times triggered these growths to obtain even worse– causing it to become full-blown cancer.

“The most significant and constant mammary tumor-promoting result was observed with the 2.5 x additional level of folic acid, states Kim. “Our data recommend that folic acid supplements may promote the progression of established mammary growths.”.

Profits? Overconsuming too much of one product– even something allegedly as safe as an anti-oxidant– can lead to disastrous consequences.

What You Should Do

Anxious about your breast cancer threat? Now’s not the time to load up on supplements. To keep your risk low, only take folic acid supplements if your doctor suggests it, and think about getting a lot of your folic acid from natural sources, such as leafy environment-friendlies. You’ll deal with a lesser risk of overconsuming folic acid at the same time, which enjoying the benefits of other valuable anti-oxidants, such as vitamin C.


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